Providing Leases and property management for commercial property

The Lease

Depending on the type of property and particularly the length of lease being sought, we are able to offer the Landlord an ‘in-house’ Law Society Lease for up to 5 years. For leases over this duration, a commercial lease, prepared by a solicitor, will be required. We are able to recommend excellent local Commercial Conveyancers, experienced in commercial property transactions  at extremely competitive rates.

Property Management

After we have let your commercial property, you may wish to use our comprehensive Commercial Property Management service. This will give you peace of mind as we will have the responsibility for looking after the property and all the needs and demands of the tenant, including:  

As managing agents we will handle the collection of rents as well as handling maintenance issues as and when they arise.

We will notify all service suppliers when new tenants take occupation with new meter readings etc and handle the change over from the outgoing tenants.

We will also work tirelessly to obtain outstanding monies as promptly as possible.

No expenditure will be incurred without your express consent.