Moving Home In Stourbridge and Halesowen

Agree when you will be happy to move

The very nature of buying and selling homes makes it very hard to dictate timescales however we will do everything we can to try and make sure that we keep to any deadlines or target move dates that you have given us.  The more we know about your plans and your aspirations the easier it is for us to try and help you achieve them so please tell us as much as possible as early as possible.

Getting organised for the move

It will have been a long process and you may feel excited about your new home, but the actual moving day can be very stressful so good planning is the key.

As soon as you can
• Plan your moving date and book time off work.
• If you are renting make sure you served appropriate notice to the landlord’s agent.
• Notify all services providers of your new address.
• Re direct any mail to your new address.
• Book your removal company.
• Arrange friends or family to help.
• Make sure your buildings and contents insurance is in place

What Is Exchange Of Contracts?

You can only exchange contracts after the solicitor is satisfied with the searches, a formal mortgage offer has been received, and arrangements made for the 10% deposit. When you exchange contracts with the seller you become legally committed to buying the property – and they are legally committed to selling it do you. If you pull out after this without due reason, your deposit can be forfeit.

You need to ensure that you have buildings insurance for the property from the date of exchange, as you are responsible for it from then on

The completion date is then set by mutual agreement which is typically between 1 and 4 weeks after exchange of contracts

What Is Completion?

Completion is when the residual monies (usually 90%) are transferred from your solicitor to the seller's solicitor's account.

We will release the keys once the money has cleared in the seller's account.

Congratulations, you are now the legal owner of your new home!


Completion day can be stressful for all concerned, especially if you’re part of a chain, but as the final step in selling in your property it means that the worst is over and you can take some time to enjoy your new home.