Estate Agents in Wordsley


Sat squarely between Stourbridge and Kingswinford, Wordsley offers a base that puts you in touch with great schools, shops, greenbelt countryside as well as a rich heritage of glass making and canal networks.

To the North of Stourbridge, Wordsley historically formed the epicentre of a world renowned glass making industry from the 17th century onwards and alongside the canals that transported the finished goods, has grown into a thriving heritage industry all of its own.

From the luxurious homes of Lawnswood to the West that sit on the edge of countryside, to the tidy estates of Ashwood Park and the newer developments that have emerged on and around the former Wordsley Hospital site.

Heritage aware apartments such as the old Stuart works at The Mill as well as starter homes and larger homes have established themselves alongside homes to either side of Auckland Road connect through to  Kingswinford.